In my drawings, the dog is a primary actor. It stands as a metaphor for human behavior.

Crowds of dogs interacting with each other are displaying a sense of displacement and cultural anomie.

When I first moved in the United States, about a decade ago, I experienced the feeling of being marginalized for lack of communication and misunderstanding of a new culture. Alienation and hardship are common causes of distress amongst new immigrants. One can be an outsider in the society where he lives and at the same time drifting away from its own culture, becoming a stranger to both worlds.

In slang, a dog usually means something of inferior quality or a person regarded as unattractive or uninteresting. A dog’s breed is often used as a stereotype for human qualities. We all tend to high levels of anthropomorphism with the dog.

Using humor and satire in a cartoonish way, I draw anthropomorphic dogs to explore the lives of the outcasts and how they fit into society. In a world of struggle and alienation, their emotions and their melancholies hide behind their masks and their threatening growls.

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